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Medical facilities such as hospitals and pharmacies generate a significant amount of medical waste on a daily basis. The medical waste generated includes pharmaceutical waste, infectious waste or regulated medical waste, sharps waste, chemotherapy waste, and pathological waste.

Non-hazardous waste constitutes about 85% of the healthcare waste produced by medical facilities. The remaining 15% is contributed by hazardous waste that tends to be infectious

Several factors contribute to poor waste management at medical facilities. These factors include lack of medical waste regulation, disposal systems, and awareness.

Poor waste management can lead to several consequences. Let’s take a look at some of them.


  • Environmental Consequences


Poor medical waste disposal can cause significant environmental risks. The removal of hazardous waste in landfills can lead to drinking-water contamination. Incineration of materials containing high metal content can result in the spread of toxic metals.

It is important to ensure environmentally-friendly biohazard waste disposal systems to prevent water contamination and incineration issues.


  • Health Consequences


Medical waste contains microorganisms that can cause serious health consequences. Chemotherapy waste and pharmaceutical waste tend to be toxic and hazardous. These wastes can pose several health risks such as dizziness, vomiting, and headaches. Medical waste workers are especially at a high risk of health dangers.

Health risks can be prevented by ensuring proper regulation, segregation, and management of all types of medical and infectious wastes


  • Sharps Waste Consequences


Sharps waste includes contaminated and unsterilized injections, syringes, needles, and scissors. Inability to dispose of medical sharps safely can result in injuries, infections, chemical burns, and severe diseases such as AIDS and HIV.

Sharps waste problems can be minimized by improving waste segregation, which can be done by installing waste containers specifically for sharps waste.


  • Legal Consequences


Lack of adherence to waste disposal regulations can result in legal consequences for the medical facility. Putting any patient or medical waste worker at risk due to poor waste management can result in severe lawsuits that can potentially close your medical facility.

Avoid facing legal issues by ensuring proper compliance to regulated medical waste in accordance with the state you live in.

Sharp waste and pharmaceutical waste management 


Efficient Regulated Medical Waste Removal Services in Denver

Poor medical waste management can result in costly and life-threatening consequences. Ensure regulated medical waste disposal services for your medical facility.  

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