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With hands-free operation and easy maneuverability, the Accessmart enables the Chemosmart to be positioned in optimum use areas, while ensuring all sharps are safely disposed of at the point of care.

Trace Waste

Vials or other collectors that have less than 3% of the original contents by weight, after removing as much of the chemotherapy medicine as feasible and by normal means. Trace chemotherapy waste typically exhibits reactivity, toxicity, ignitability and corrosivity.

Waste includes: Any empty chemotherapy drug containers, intravenous bags/bottles and IV tubing that do not hold a P-listed chemotherapy medicine.

All empty bags, drug vials/needles, containers gloves and tubing with chemotherapy medicine remaining from use during chemotherapy infusions.

Any PPE, masks, gowns and other materials used during chemotherapy infusions that are visibly contaminated.

Bulk Waste

From 1 quart to 55 gallons we offer a full line of RCRA approved containers for everything from laboratory chemicals to batteries.

The term “bulk” chemotherapy is defined as chemo waste that exceeds 3% by volume and is considered a RCRA hazardous waste. Full bags or bottles and P-listed chemotherapy drugs fall under RCRA hazardous waste regulations and are handled as RCRA hazardous waste by Medical Systems.