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Medical Systems offers full service management of regulated medical waste (also know as red bag waste, RMW, infectious waste or biohazardous waste). We pick up your waste in our trucks and then treat it in our plant. We do not subcontract our services. We do not use other companies to sterilize and dispose of the waste.

We do not use cardboard boxes to store or transport medical waste. We provide hard sided DOT compliant UN rated containers from 18 to 96 gallons in size. The size and number of containers is determined based on the volume of waste you produce, your storage capabilities and the desired service frequency.

You as the generator are responsible for the regulated medical waste you generate from cradle to grave. Don’t trust a vendor that hands off your waste for treatment to a third party. We are a fully licensed medical waste facility that will work with you to develop a service model that works for you. We will determine the proper containers and frequency of service by completing a site assessment. This is not a one size fits all solution

We offer a variety of RMW containers allowing you to select the size that will best meet your needs.

We offer a variety of RMW containers allowing you to select the size that will best meet your needs. 

Solutions designed to protect people, reduce landfill and ensure compliance.

It is a DOT requirement that red bags placed in reusable tubs be securely closed. The most common method is by tying off the bag prior to placing it in the tub.

Given the potential infectious nature of biomedical waste, stringent regulations govern its collection, transportation, and disposal. The responsibility for the proper handling and disposal of regulated medical waste (also known as red bag waste, biohazardous waste, biomedical or infectious waste) remains with the generator from the point of creation, through disposal, and final treatment. 

With over 20 years of experience in healthcare waste management, Medical Systems has the solutions, licensing and compliance expertise to assist you in minimizing your risk exposure and to remain compliant with regulatory responsibilities in the total management of biomedical waste.

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We provide full cradle-to-grave waste management services, and utilize our own service technicians and truck fleet to ensure consistent, professional service.

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With one invoice per month for all services and 12-month fixed price scheduling to assist with budget planning.

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Available on our website, allow you access to your records 24/7.