A History of Serving Healthcare Professionals

Medical Systems HeadquartersMedical Systems of Denver (MSDI) was founded in 1995 by Mark Schryver of Loveland, Colorado. MSDI was originally a division of Schryver Medical, LLC. Schryver Medical is leading national provider of medical diagnostic services (laboratory and imaging) serving thousands of sub-acute and long-term care providers throughout the U.S. Over the past twenty-four years, the company has become a leading provider of medical products and services throughout Colorado and twelve other states across the western and southern United States.

MSDI has served Rocky Mountain region healthcare providers as a supplier of medical safety products and services for over twenty years. Mark’s vision for MSDI is to provide the same high quality medical services that he brought to his medical services customers. Mark has a deep understanding of and respect for the healthcare industry and the dedicated professionals who operate its critical functions. He is aware the profession relies on safe, reliable, responsive and cost-effective service providers who can adapt and grow with the challenges of the modern health care industry. He and the rest of the dedicated forty-member MSDI team fully understand that the health and safety of its customers, their patients, and our community rely on how well we do our jobs.

The purpose of MSDI from its inception has been to protect the healthcare worker and the general public from potential exposure to infectious substances. All of the waste collected by MSDI is from local healthcare facilities. MSDI is deeply involved in training healthcare workers in the facilities to handle and dispose of medical waste properly. Once collected at the healthcare facility, we use a fleet of modern and well maintained trucks with sealed floors, and specially manufactured sealed containers to safely transport the waste for disposal. MSDI drivers are trained and constantly updated on proper safety procedures so that they maintain the highest standard of vehicle operation and handling of medical waste. MSDI has never had an incident of a medical waste spill during transportation. Once transported to our state-of-the-art, fully regulated, and licensed treatment facility, all waste products are expertly disinfected and then safely disposed of in a sanitary landfill. We understand our business affects community health and safety. You can count on our local MSDI employees to do the job right.