Regulated and sharps waste removal

Biomedical waste has increased significantly ever since the COVID-19 pandemic. Biomedical waste in the context of COVID-19 refers to the waste generated during diagnosis, treatments, and vaccinations. 

Roughly 15-20% of the total biomedical waste generated in medical facilities is hazardous. The remaining vast majority is non-hazardous.

Proper biomedical waste management is frequently neglected in medical facilities, especially in developing countries. It is essential to appropriately segregate biomedical waste in accordance with its type to prevent hazardous health and environmental consequences. 

Segregation of biomedical waste depends on using segregated waste containers for the disposal of biomedical wastes. Let’s take a look at some common medical wastes and the types of segregation containers they require.

Regulated Medical Waste

Regulated medical waste consists of medical tools and materials that have been contaminated by infectious or biohazard agents such as blood or blood products. Regulated medical waste is generally segregated in red waste containers with a biohazard symbol on the front.

Pathological Waste 

Pathological waste consists of human or animal-derived organs, tissues, and body parts. Pathology waste can be segregated in containers or non-chlorinated plastic bags that are yellow in color.

Sharps Waste 

As the name suggests, sharps waste consists of sharp tools such as razors, syringes, blades, needles, broken glass, and scalpels. Sharps waste containers are shatterproof and red in color. The shatterproof nature of the containers prevents the sharps waste from falling out from the container of puncturing it. 

Pharmaceutical Waste 

Pharmaceutical waste consists of expired, leftover, or contaminated drugs, medicines, and vaccines. Pharmaceutical waste segregation containers are usually blue in color.

Chemotherapy waste

This waste includes chemotherapy drugs, IV fluid lines, gauze, dressings, gloves, and other materials used in the chemotherapy process. Chemotherapy waste segregation containers are yellow in color.

Radioactive Waste

Radioactive waste consists of medical products or materials that have been contaminated by radionuclides. Radioactive waste segregation containers are yellow in color and have a radioactive symbol on the front.

Pharmaceutical waste management and removal

Effective Biomedical Waste Disposal Services in Denver, CO

Segregating biomedical waste is the first and foremost step of ensuring efficient waste disposal. Our licensed team at Medical Systems provides cost-effective and safe biomedical waste disposal solutions. We offer segregated containers for all types of biomedical wastes.

We have over 25 years of experience in providing medical waste and infectious waste disposal services. We tend to various markets, including dental clinics, funeral homes, hospitals, educational institutes, fire departments, and pharmacies throughout Colorado.

Our services include but are not limited to the disposal of regulated medical waste, pharmaceutical waste, sharps waste, and pathology waste. Our waste removal and management services play a significant role in creating a hazard-free environment. 

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