Don’t take chances with the destruction of your patients PHI or NPI

Medical Systems offers a comprehensive solution to your secure document destruction needs. We start by making sure the bins you have in the different areas of your facility are the best fit for that location. Our bins are not only secure but are much more aesthetically pleasing than the old-fashioned wood boxes. Then we establish a service schedule that will work best for your facility. In many cases we will service both your medical waste containers and your secure document disposal containers, during the same visit, reducing the number of intrusions you sustain.

Most healthcare organizations create documents that contain private and sensitive information (PHI and NPI). This can include very detailed health related information as well as financial information about your patients. The question you should always ask is what happens if that information ends up in the wrong hands? The consequences of a PHI (Personal Health Information) or PFI (Personal Financial Information) breach can be devastating. If a breach occurs, here’s what it could mean for your organization:

    • Investigations, audits, fines and sanctions from both state and federal agencies.
    • Severe damage to your organization’s reputation
    • Loss of your patient’s and patients family’s trust
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Different sizes and types of containers to best fit your space and needs:

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24″h x 20″w x 11″d
27″h x 20″w x 11″d
30″h x 20″w x 11″d

ShredVANTAGE 29″
29″h x 21″w x 17″d

Executive Console 36″
36″h x 20″w x 16″d

4-wheel Cart, 96 Gallon
46″h x 29″w x 36″d