Chemotherapy drugs


Chemotherapy drugs, also known as cytotoxic drugs, are used in the treatment of cancer. These drugs may be given to patients during or after cancer treatment. As they tend to be toxic to cell growth within the body, anyone apart from the patient must not be exposed to them. The medications must not only be stored in a safe place but must also be disposed of adequately. For this reason, the FDA has declared drug disposal options. Follow this guide for dealing with chemotherapy waste:

Unused Medication

Participate In A Local Drug Take-Back Program

In case you no longer require the prescribed medication, you must aim to get rid of the drug as safely as possible. You may register for the US Drug Enforcement Administration drug take-back program that allows you to bring expired and unused drugs to a location where they may be disposed of properly.

Throwing Away Medication

As per the US Food and Drug Administration, some opioid medication may be flushed down the toilet. But suppose you cannot flush or take the drug into a take-back program; you can throw it away by taking the medications out of the container, sealing it in a sealable container with coffee grounds or cat litter, and then put it in the trash, but never recycling. Remember, you must not throw away drugs for oral therapy — instead, return them to your doctor for safer disposal.

Tubes used to administer chemotherapy drugs

Other Waste Products

Traces of chemotherapy may be found in the patient’s urine, feces, vomit, or blood for up to seven days following chemotherapy. Waste in colostomy bags and other bodily wastes should be sealed in a plastic bag before disposing of off as regular, while others may be flushed in the toilet as normal.


Any contaminated clothing must be washed in hot or cold water twice on the longest cycle immediately or be stored in a sealed plastic bag until washed. A pair of gloves must be worn when handling the linen.

Spill Management

In case any medication or contaminated body waste spills on the surface, the area must be wiped down while wearing gloves. A flushable toilet paper or disposable cloth is best used in this step. Next, the area must be washed thoroughly using detergent and water. The equipment may be rinsed after, while all disposal elements must be sealed into a plastic bag before being thrown into normal household rubbish.

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