A Colorful Colorado welcome sign

A Colorful Colorado welcome sign

Colorado is best known for its breathtaking national parks, wildlife and natural landscapes, and a variety of outdoor activities. To maintain the immaculate environment, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has implemented very stringent biomedical waste disposal regulations.

As a leading medical and pharmaceutical waste management service provider, Medical-Systems has worked closely with many organizations in Denver to ensure safe and compliant disposal. Here’s a closer look at our thorough approach.

Consultative Process

Our experts work closely with your organization to understand your medical waste management needs. We determine the different waste streams and quantities generated by your activities and recommend the most cost-effective, regulatory compliant, and eco-friendly way solution to meet your needs.

Industry Experience

We’ve been in the business of biomedical waste disposal for over 25 years, serving thousands of healthcare providers during this time. During this time, we’ve developed a deep understanding of the safety challenges faced by the modern healthcare industry, along with medical waste disposal regulations. This makes us uniquely equipped to handle all your medical waste management needs effectively.

we provide waste bags and waste containers for easy compliance

Customized Services

We offer an extensive list of biomedical waste disposal services can be tailored to fit your needs exactly. That’s one of the reasons why we’ve been able to successfully expand our client base to include establishments from various fields and industries. We now serve hospitals, medical offices, urgent care facilities, laboratories, dentist offices, veterinary clinics, blood banks, pharmacies, funeral homes, fire departments and more.

Compliance Training

With the goal to increase workplace safety, we’ve also designed compliance training programs to ensure that your staff is up to date with the latest safety regulations. We offer essential HIPPA, OSHA, DOT, and Bloodborne Pathogen Training that can help you keep you staff safe and your waste management practices fully compliant.


Medical-Systems can simplify medical waste management for you.We make compliance easy for your facility by delivering medical waste containers to your location and then collecting them for timely disposal.

We guarantee our services are 100% compliant with all state and federal regulations, which means that by employing our services, you’re compliant too. Call (877) 220-7736 or request a free quote today for your biomedical waste disposal needs.

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